How to Completely Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Jul 08

Contrary to popular belief, it is entirely possible to reduce all of the credit card debt you owe to nothing. Before we continue, it is important to note that this type of debt is the most common among citizens and people often spend their entire lives trying to pay them back. One of the main reasons why credit card debt is accumulating in the first place is because of outstanding APR-rates.

For example, some cards have interest rates that can exceed 30%. Fortunately, there are ways to get back on your feet and pay off the debt that you already have. Let’s take a look at some solid advice that you can begin to implement right way in order to completely eliminate credit card debt from your life.

Make More than Your Minimum Payments

The reason we listed this tip first is because paying more than your minimum payment is the quickest way to pay off a credit card. By only making the lowest monthly payment that you can, you’ll only succeed at wasting a lot of time as well as end up paying far more than you should. For example, if your minimum monthly payment for your credit card id $40 then you should pay $75 or $100 every month. This will quickly cut down the amount of credit card debt that you have.

Acquire Low Interest Credit Cards

In order to avoid credit card debt from becoming a problem in the first place, you should try to acquire credit cards with low interest rates. That way, even if you miss a payment, you can easily catch up the following months. It is often those individuals with high interest credit cards that end up accumulating the most amount of credit card debt.

Why does it Work?

One of the main reasons why these techniques work so well is because paying a minimum balance is mathematically the worst way to go about paying off your credit card debt. By paying off just a little bit more, you can quickly cut down on the amount of money that you owe and regain your foothold on your financial situation. As for the second tip, acquire low interest cards will make your payments far easier to work with.


As you can see, credit card debt is something that you can eliminate from your life. However, do realize that it takes persistence, patience, and the willingness to follow the advice given in this article.

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